Freelance IT Specialist Timothy Ntilosanje

Timothy Ntilosanje
Timothy Ntilosanje

Timothy Ntilosanje was born and raised in Malawi and went to school at The Malawi Polytechnic and Lilongwe Technical College. Going into IT was not necessarily a conscious decision but rather a passion since childhood.

“ I was able to dismantle and reassemble a CPU way before I could speak good English, of course got me in trouble here and there…lol. But yeah, this passion drove me through to today.”

Becoming a freelancer  soon after finishing college was more to do with not being able to get a job. I decided to get on with my profession and not lose what I had gained in college by freelancing. In media and IT among, other things.

Other things like co-founding Malawi, managing Toya photography and being brand ambassador for MAPPP Africa.

It’s said, a human can’t multi task but I am able to do that. All these jobs are 98% done on the internet and I am a cyber guy which is a perfect combination and benefits all.

MAPP Africa is a mobile app that showcases the Music, Art, People and Places of Africa. The app allows you to interact with people from Africa and the diaspora interested in culture, design, and fashion. We focus on promoting Africa and creating connections; no religion and no politics.

Malawi was founded in 2011 by Dot Solutions, a digital marketer based in Blantyre. I am proud to have been one of the first people involved with the brand in its infant years.

Toya Photography was founded by Benjamin Defrancois-abi and I was his manager and an investor in the company. Earlier this year I decided to focus on my own venture in media and PR under my own umbrella company, Klaus Media Corp.

Being creative with your marketing is core to being a great freelancer. Bad marketing skills will not land any clients and there will be nobody to bring out the fire in you.  Also you need to know your target market, your competition and the corporate world. As well as being focused and determined you should not get excited over a few wins. Keep the game going and keep winning.

I am proud to be Brand Ambassador for MAPP Africa (download it!) an Brand Ambassador MAPP Africa Timothy Ntilosanjeinternational brand based in Canada. I never saw myself representing an international brand. I am equally proud to have helped build the Malawi-Music brand from scratch at a time when I was learning to do things on-the-job. Now it is a big music promotional site in Malawi. As for working with Toya photography; it was an amazing experience.


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