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Work Life

4 Potential Ways to Hasten a Promotion

The process of getting a promotion is an elaborate, time taking process and may require you to compete with other people for the same position. To prepare yourself and to give yourself the best chance know where you eventually want to end up and identify as early as pos... Read more

Your Money

3 Ways to Help Keep Your Money Resolutions

How can you actually follow through on your plans to better manage your money; spend less and save more? Here are 3 ways to help make your money resolutions stick Clearly define your goals. Define what you want to achieve. Do you intend to save a certain amount of money... Read more


Fake News it is Not

Fake News it is Not

Machines and Artificial Intelligence are replacing a lot of things in our world and will eventually outsmart or horror of horrors, some say overpower us. However, you and I know that real people will always be ranked higher. Certainly, the unique ideas they come up with... Read more


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