Questions to Private Investigator and Forensic Examiner Rick Crouch

Q Describe yourself  

Rick Crouch



Q What is the path you took to achieve success                             

Law Enforcement in California and a lot of study


Q What preparations do you make for a difficult assignment



Q Any qualms about an assignment                               

I do not take assignments where I feel the client is lying to me or if they want me to break the law


Q Have you ever feared for your life      

I have been shot at and have shot, but there is no fear until after the incident


Q TV fictional forensic and criminal detectives, what do you see (or say out loud)

I wish it was really like that


Q Any advice aimed for a young person in this line of work

Get a good mentor, stay away from the cowboys and study and absorb as much as you can


Q Ranked 6 out of 10 on a listing of “Bounty Hunters” by National Geographic; do you have a catch you are most proud of           

Eddie Chapin in Mexico (details on my website).

Q Your most notable client

Michael Jackson




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