5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do For Their Child

If you want to nurture those instincts that drive you to be an entrepreneur in your child then as early as possible start to

  1. Create An Environment of Support

Create an environment that encourages your child to do things that are unusual or even the usual. When they fail; which they will, celebrate the fact that they tried and are gaining confidence. Let your child try things out and do not constantly nag them to stop or to listen to you. As long as what they are doing is not dangerous it is an early introduction into learning that being entrepreneurial isn’t only about success it is about trying and it is about determination.

  1. Encourage Them To Ask Questions

Some children are always asking questions and can be a little trying but if your child is one of these do not suppress them.  The same for shy and introvert children. Encourage them to voice their thoughts and openly question the status quo.

Questions, are the start of finding things out and looking for opportunities to solve problems for people.  Not every child is meant to grow up to be a lawyer, accountant or Bank VP.  Look for entrepreneurial traits in your child and nurture them so that they can grow up to own businesses. 

  1. Let Them Take The Lead

Allow your child, to voice their opinion and to make decisions about what they want to be when they are adults. High academic achievers sometimes have one up on the other children because they have something to show off about but if your child is not excelling academically, do not fear. Talk about the choices they have and encourage them to lead and guide you to where they want to go in the future.

Your child does not have to follow anyone’s path (even yours) as long as they know you have their back and that they can make informed choices.

  1. Point Out Things To Them Immediately

When you go out to do some things for your home like shopping or paying bills with your child in tow take this opportunity to point out good and bad practices.  Show them the sulky employees and the bad customer service. Explain to them why this behavior is not good for the business.

Do remember to point out the excellent employees, too. This will help your child to understand what makes great customer service.

And when you stop to buy something from a hawker or make a donation to a fund raiser take the time to explain to your child why you did what you did. Why you paid a certain price, why you declined to buy and why you give money to one person with a begging bowl and nothing to another.

Point out things to your child immediately so that they understand the difference between good and bad practice. And they will learn how to pick up on a scam or identify a good offer. They will also learn something about negotiating.

  1. Set An Example

To teach a child is much easier when you set an example yourself. When you tell them to finish the food on their plate your plate better be empty. When you tell them about not wasting stuff you had better not be leaving taps unfixed, the lights switched on outside in broad day light and not turning your nose up at the small change in the car or house. As an entrepreneur you hustle for your payments so show them that every small amount counts.

Also, try to do some things around your home and your yard, which need to be done. Even if you have staff to do them do something with your child and encourage them to find odd jobs to do around the house. This will teach them to seek out opportunities just like an entrepreneur would.


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