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When Giving Feedback

As a business owner much like a parent you need to give feedback to people that are in your charge. They need to hear from you as often as possible so they know how they are doing. The feedback however, needs to Be Clear Tell them what they are doing to please and what they …

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Manners Make’th the Child

Manners are every parent’s minefield as sometimes what will be perfectly acceptable for one parent will be frowned upon by another. All parents will agree though, that teaching manners matters. And the best way a parent can teach is to show how to: Be on time If you are on time to pick them up …

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Be Vigilant

Scammers and fraudsters are rife and targeting anyone in business, rich, famous, studying, working, holding the fort at home or retired. The tactics vary from time to time, region to region and target to target. Be vigilant and look out for: Friendship ScamsIt is normal online to get friend requests but, if you hit the …

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Here is a Quick on Scams

These days if you own a mobile phone the likelihood of being targeted by a scammer are very high. So, a little knowledge on typical scams is a must and can save you money and a whole load of misery and trouble from scams that come via A Call or Message People lose a lot …

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