Do Your Own Advertising

We all want to get as many sales and as many clients as possible to grow our business but on the internet and in the real world advertising can cost money therefore, do your own advertising.

Here is why

You don’t need to wait

It’s just a matter of knowing your tools, deciding on your content, and making strategic decisions on how and when to share your videos. You don’t have to wait for anyone to make you a quote or want to tweak things here and there or make you wait for someone else to approve the copy. You even don’t need to wait to be found by viewers and customers.

As soon as you come up with content you can upload it and start your campaign. And when you upload, in seconds you will be found. So, start creating content that supports your profile as a chef, car wash owner, content writer or social media influencer and make yourself visible.

You don’t need to spend

It takes a lot of money to create a set-up that looks professional but with the right choice of location and the right time of day you can do it for free.

To start there is the natural source of light called the sun. Choose the right moment to shoot your video or take photographs to create maximum impact. If you have a garden or can go to a free public space, spend time at different times of the day to discover which spots are the best.

If you have a green screen, then this is an exception because you can manipulate and choose the background as you wish. However, a real background is more professional and authentic.

You get to choose

You can choose the topic, the merchandise, the location, the number of times to show the advertisement and so on and so forth. However, even though you get to choose especially when it comes to the topic you want to focus on, it’s very important to have and to define your mode of transmission.

Decide as quickly as possible what they’re going to be known for, will it be cool videos, lovely posters, or great dialogue. If you choose one thing—for now you can hone the skill and be known for it.

Always remember that to get people to follow; you have to be very clear about what you’re offering them.

Define your perspective as early as possible and go about creating content that people can connect with.


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