Use Color, Images and Edit Yourself

Everyone knows that advertising helps to tell people about your product or service and that once seen they might take action. Which means you have to be deliberate about the information you put out there as how you do it will influence how people base their decision.

That first piece of information, and how it is relayed is very important. To help, here are a few things you can take care of right now

Be color conscious
Color matters a lot because there are some colors that draw people in and some that put them off. Some colors will stop people in their tracks and some will just repulse them. Not every color will get the reaction you want and may even get you the opposite reaction, depending on the part of the world you are in.

There are some colors that have an universal appeal. For instance the color red will make people stop and look again. It is urgent. It is bold. It is emotional. And will always draw people in, no matter the part of the world. While the color orange is in between. It is bright, it is happy it is welcoming and tends to make people slow down and take another look.

Green will always be associated with permission to move, to reap, and to be healthy. While blue, is calm and reassuring and will stimulate trust.

Use Images
A lot of the time people in advertising and marketing will use images to build trust and get more engagement and sales. So they will make sure that the images they use are of very good quality, are chosen with the audience in mind and have that something extra. People will almost always respond to an appeal that is accompanied by an image.

A picture tells a story much better than numbers, long words and marketing jargon because many people will remember a lot of what they see and very little of what they read. So pick images that will help people remember you and what you are offering online.

Edit Yourself
Remember you are dealing with people so do not be afraid to tell your story. How you came to do what you are doing and all the ups and downs. Many of these experiences are common to other people so as human beings, we like to know what other people have been through, how much was spent and how they got where they are. However, as much as we like this many of us will not sit through the whole saga. So serve the information in bits and make the information easy to remember.

Also when you present your wares or services. Less is more. If you bombard the users with a lot of information and images, you may lose them. You may think that the more they see, the more chance you have of getting them to buy or pick a service but sometimes this will prevent them from making a decision. So give them an edited and limited choice of actions so that they do not go into decision paralysis.


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