Just do it and Stop Overthinking Everything

There should come a time when the thinking must stop and the action must begin. When you differentiate between what’s meaningful and what’s not worth obsessing over.

To stop this self-indulgent cycle of contemplation do this

Remind Yourself of the Goal 

You had a goal to get to and during the time you were mulling over the path you would take, you made some decisions. So do take those decisions.

As long as you know what the goal is and how it will impact you and the people in your life. Make that move.

Make a Vision Board

A vision board which is your graphic map should have all the images displayed in the sequence that you want things to unfold. And it will help you see how things may look like in the future. You may just need to have one or two images of what you want to happen and that will be good enough. And you can date each image.

Making a vision board will help you stop fretting over the possibilities of failing. And every time you get to the point where you think you cannot take the next step. Go back to your vision board and see what your life may look like in a few months or a year. This will help you put things in perspective and rally the motivation you need to take action.

Trust Yourself

We all have instincts and sometimes they are very helpful. Instead of going into the abyss of ‘what if’s’ trust yourself and what your gut is telling you. Usually it will match with what your brain is telling you. Without beating about the bush, consider the situation and assesses it against all your other experiences. Then makes the best decision given the context.

When you trust yourself, you will allow the brain to make wise decisions without overthinking.

Remember This

You are not perfect. And there are no perfect situations. Perfectionism operates on all-or-nothing thinking and it can lead you to believe that if you don’t make the “right” or “correct” move; you are a failure. Which you are not.

Perfectionism also implies that you must know everything, anticipate every eventuality, and have a thorough plan in place before making a move. This will not only delay you, it will stop you in your tracks. As trying to weigh every possible outcome and consideration is paralyzing and will block you from making quick and effective moves.


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