Here is How to Buy Groceries Smartly

Money worries are some of the worst to have but, most times a little effort can make them less of a burden and the effort can make your money go a long way.

You can avoid dry and worrisome spells simply by

Paying Attention to where you Shop

Groceries sellers can be found at every corner but, sometimes the prices may not be as convenient. If it is not an emergency be selective at the places you buy your weekly supplies. Choosing where you shop from and selecting the right store (the one that has the best prices for the items you buy most often) does help to stretch your money.

By shopping at a cheaper grocery store instead of the bigger, fancier store you can help you save a little more money. If the cheaper store is inconveniently located, just plan your trips carefully and go when you can. And buy as much as you can.

Taking advantage of bargains

Take the special offer print outs every time you go to the shop you use often. If they are not right at the entrance they will be conveniently placed in the trollies or baskets. Do not ignore them. These price cuts and bundled offers can be a great relief on the pocket.

If you can, take a preliminary trip to collect the bargain handout and go home with it to make a selection. Some of the special offers can help you save a serious amount of money. Take advantage of them as much as possible. If possible, check on line to see what is on offer. And, remember to buy foods on offer that you would normally eat. Do not buy just because they are on sale.

Also, if there is an item not on your list but you do like it. Stock up on it. Strictly speaking you shouldn’t stray from your list but, if something you use frequently is on an unannounced sale and if you can manage it; go for it.

Remember NOT TO buy items you won’t be able to use just because they are on sale. And make sure before buying that the savings you will make from an item are a better buy than the store brand, or another name brand with the same product.

Buying in Bulk

Buy as much as possible of the things that you use often. Buy a 25 kilogram bag of maize meal instead of a 5 kilogram bag. Buy several whole chickens, instead of one braai pack. Buy a bag of onions instead of a kilo.

If your fridge or deep freezer has a lot of space; buy in bulk. Buying larger quantities of an item instead of small, individually packaged items may not feel as convenient but at the end of the day, it won’t take long to repackage the items. And it will save you frequent and expensive daily trips to the shops.


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