2 Things You Need To Do When You Go Shopping

Shopping can be very pleasant for some people, a nightmare for others and a voracious money pit for others but, whichever camp you belong in here are some good shopping habits you need to get started with right now:

Go in early and get out quickly (Do not dilly-dally!)
When the shop is just opened it is populated by the staff and one or two shoppers so you can get in and out faster. With few people in the shop there is likely to be no announcements on the specials of the day designed to tempt you to buy more than you need. Without the distraction of announcements and other people you can keep a clear-head and will be more likely to zone in on what you really need and leave out what you really don’t.
The benefit of being early in is that when there are only a few people in the shop you will most likely feel less rushed and frenzied and you will make more careful and precise spending decisions. Dilly-dallying at the supermarket can cost you more than you planned to spend although there is nothing wrong with scouting for discounts. Just be mindful that stores routinely place the priciest items at eye-level – and hide the cheaper options on the top and bottom shelves. So be mindful of how items are priced; get in, stick to your list and get out before temptation gets the best of you.

Take stock of your cupboards
Before you head to the shops check what you already have. This way you’ll reduce the risk of purchasing duplicates. When it comes to food, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it so just by knowing the foods you already have in stock will help you to not end up buying more of the same. Also, when you buy fresh ingredients make sure that they can be used in a range of recipes so you don’t waste them (for instance potatoes can be used for stews, roasting, fries, mash etc.).
Resist adding too many perishables to your shopping trolley and don’t buy foods just because they are on special or more than you can eat before the expiration date. More likely than not they will end up in the bin at home. Something which is not acceptable: use what you purchase or give it to someone!


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