9 Ways to Make Your Cash Go Further

No matter how much money you make it is always nice when it can go further in a month and even leave you with a healthy balance at the end of it. Here are some simple ways to make this happen.

Avoid going to places where spending money will be unavoidable especially ones that have sales or discounts on. If you have not planned to buy something do not buy it just because it is on sale. Resist the lure of the bright red ‘For Sale’ sign and do not be tricked into spending money you did not intend to.

Be careful who you spend time with as some people are out to milk you or to pressure you into paying for things you did not plan for. Or they have bad spending habits that may rub off on you and drag you down with them.

Be focused on you and stop keeping up with the Banda’s or the Kardashian’s. If they are going to places where they spend a lot of money or are spending to show off, do not do the same. Ignore ‘the status updates’ and keep your eyes on your own expanse of life.

 Seriously think about whether you could live more cheaply in a smaller house, in another area, in another neighborhood or even another city (if your work permits). If you are about to build your own house, be practical and avoid too much house. Do remember there will be taxes and maintenance bills to pay later.

 Pay in cash as cash is visible. You see it being counted and you leave with a mental picture of money having changed hands. A card is invisible and does not mentally register as money having changed hands. You may even forget that you made a particular purchase after a day or two and whip out the card again to pay for something else.

Pay in Advance as soon as you have some extra money. Put it towards things like rent, the mortgage, car payment or even taxes before the due date.

 Say no and refuse to take on too many bills from others. It sounds horrible but do try to say no to a relative or friend and avoid the unplanned drain from your resources. An occasional ‘no’ will not break a friendship (a good friendship) or stop you being family members.

Live below your means by spending less than you make. You may be doing this already but, you can do more. By cutting down on the week day takeaway, the weekend drinking and the treats you put in the trolley for the children.

Don’t just use the phrase, “it’s not on my budget” to stop impulse buys. Have an actual budget and use it. And let it aid you by showing you where you want your hard earned money to go every month.




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