Community Events, 3 Notable Things about Taking Part

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Throughout the year there are local, national and international events taking place that are aimed at bringing attention to or raise awareness of an issue, commemorate a group or event, or celebrate occasions. Sometimes these events call for participation in some activity or the other; sports, marches, long distance walks or runs. Many a time people do not take part finding an excuse; about age, physical fitness, time and money. However, apart from showing your support and helping to highlight issues taking part means that

You will make a contribution to a particular commemoration or cause with your presence and you will be helping promote the issue by assembling with others. This is a very important action. Never mind that you do not have the right weight, clothing, shoes, will not be able to complete or compete in an event but being there means that you are giving support and adding your voice albeit in a number.

You will learn to be part of a community. And being part of a community means that you are meeting other people, making new friends, hearing about other people’s experiences, sharing your own experiences, seeing and learning new things. You will walk away with new knowledge about the community and you will come away with a real example of something that was maybe just a calendar date or colored ribbon to you before.

You will experience delay, discomfort, defeat, humiliation and be totally out of your comfort zone but, remember to let these negative and uncomfortable moments be teaching moments.  And do NOT forget you will also have fun, be encouraged, be admired, receive thanks and discover a new level of performance that you never thought you could reach. At the end of it all you will have been the best you can be, attempted something and will have made a personal sacrifice for a community while others did nothing.


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