Here is How to Deal With the Different Personalities at Work

Other people are no easy terrain to traverse. To help you when the time comes here are some of the major traits that you will come across and a few words of advice on ways to interact with them:

1. The Micro-Manager

This person thinks that no one knows better than they do. They will usually be anxious and worried and always be on your case.

How to handle this person: To allay their fears, give feedback as often as you can (call, text or invite them back). This is better than they coming back over and over again and taking up your time by trying to orchestrate your work’s direction.

2. The Incompetent Joker

As this person lacks knowledge they will usually cover it up with humor. They will pry and dig with jokes and jabs at you because they will be suspicious that any information or advice from you is to show them up or is a challenge rather than support.

How to handle this person: This humor may be defensiveness or it may be simply that they do not know so also joke your way into finding out more about them. If they are clearly incompetent, end the conversation-with a smile.

3. The Two-Faced

This person should really be in the acting business because they are good at it and you will never know who they really are.

How to handle this person: As you never know who you are dealing with never trust them and keep your mouth shut. Make it very hard for them to malign you or others.

4. The Time Waster

This person has kind of mastered the art of giving elaborate excuses, making up quick lies and they are a charming manipulator.

How to handle this person: Ignore them and don’t fall for their elaborate tales. If you engage with them- they will send you on a useless time wasting mission.

5. The Screamer

This person cries for attention, will yell at you just to intimidate and then will shout at you some more for good measure.

How to handle this person: Breathe deeply, wait, and do not engage. There is no point in trying to out scream them as they have had more practice. Sometimes a little humor may defuse the situation. Remember too, that this level of anger usually hides something else: hurt resentment or frustration.

6. The Star

This person is self-serving and ego-centric and expects everyone to admire them and will only move if there is an immediate personal gain for them. If there is none they will sulk and turn belligerent and de-motivated.

How to handle this person: Let them think something they do for you will be a feather in their cap and an opportunity to bathe in the lime-light. Give them the applause and attention they seek or else things will take longer than they should. So, allocate a little more time and turn on the charm when working with a star.


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