Here are 3 Reasons Why Some People Remain Poor

Doubtless there are many reasons for the poverty we see around us and many of these are reasons that are keeping politicians awake at night (or at least they should be). These are but 3 reasons why many more people stay poor:

It never occurs to some people that they can become rich

One of the reasons why some people don’t become wealthy is that it never occurs to them that it is possible for them.  Sometimes this is because they have grown up in a family where no one is wealthy and they have never met or known anyone who has money. And unfortunately they will not even try and voice such sentiments as,

“We are not among the counted” … or “this is the way it is”.

And so throughout their formative years and all the way up to adulthood it may never occur to them that it’s just as possible for them to become wealthy as it is for anyone else. So, if it never occurs to them, then they never take any of the steps necessary to get out of being poor.  

They leave the decision to someone else

How many bumper stickers have you read today that say ‘God is in Control’, which is true but this always inevitably makes some people wait to become rich. But until you set goals and plan to expand your repertoire; a wealthy future will elude you. 

Being passive and doing nothing or more of the same is a fundamental reason for underachievement and failure. You have to make changes. You have to get better at what you do now. Ask for more money when you do get better and be brave enough to look elsewhere for a place that will pay you for what you are worth. Even if it means that you must start your own thing.

They are unwilling to pay the price

The wait and the sacrifice will stop many people in their tracks to riches. Even if it has occurred to them that they can become wealthy a great majority of people spend every single coin they make and whatever else they can borrow. This indiscipline and impatience means that they cannot look into the horizon and pay the price for that long wait.

Taking a risk, or giving up something does put many people off and this, sadly, means that the seeds of wealth are not going to germinate for them.


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