Do This To Get Traffic To Your Website

Search engines and social media networks are always making changes to their algorithms. So this means that you have to keep up if you want to drive traffic to your site and get your product or service seen.

Some things that you should look into are

  1. Website Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) works well if you have things in place. Like a personalized URL, internal links that improve on-site navigation and content discoverability that show connection between topics. Also having an interesting and informative landing page and creating good content.

If done well, SEO will mean that your site will come up on search engines when people google for things in your industry or trade just by using the commonly searched words in your area.

  1. Sending out Newsletters

The habit collecting email addresses is one many new and old businesses neglect. The social media lifestyle is probably to blame where people are used to quick posts and loads of media.

Add an on-site email form on your website, collect email addresses from your readers, and send them updates via a News Letter. Send it monthly, bi weekly or weekly with news about new products, about special offers and about competitions you are running.

You do not always have to be selling something. You can also just tell your reader how you started your business, how your service/product has helped customers and how you and your team (if you have one) work to come up with the things you sell or where ideas come for your unique services.

  1. Having a Social Media Strategy

Have a strategy that will tell people via social media bout your website. Don’t just give them a link. Talk about it and share its content. Talk about it and share the value of it. Tell your story clearly and be consistent in creating and sharing content.

Be creative with media.

  1. Having an editorial calendar

This is a comprehensive planner, covering all your publishing activities across different content distribution channels such as your website and your social media handles.

The goal of an editorial calendar is to provide a one page overview of all your activities so that you can keep track and tick things off.

  1. Performing a Website Audit

The purpose of your audit is to find gaps in your website’s performance and structure. And to locate areas of improvement for your website in terms of page loading speed, website usability, navigation, and coding.

A website audit is a step you actually should take quite often. You can contact me here.


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