Having Fun on a Budget

So much emphasis about being an income earner is put on being patient and getting used to delayed gratification. When really, the idea is to build some discipline and not to postpone fun stuff. And so, here is how you can have fun on a budget.

Pick a Day, One Day

Whether it is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, choose one day. You just need one day to de-compress. We all do. And yes, one day is enough to spoil yourself silly. Ok…maybe two days, but make it a day that you know you can spare. One you will not be required to do any heavy lifting or where you will not have to do complicated mental work the very next day.

Take that one day. Have fun and get your mind off work and other responsibilities.

Set an Amount

To do this you need to know how much money you get each month and how much goes to the recurring bills. Bills like rent, utilities, transport, food and taxes. When you know this you can set the amount of money you will spend on your good time. The amount will vary, depending on the type of income you have at particular moments so do not be shy to adjust the amount. Up or down.

Allocating an amount for your good time after each category in the budget has been taken care of will ensure that you have a guilt-free time.

Enlist Your Besties

So many times people start the day with no idea how that day is going to end. And many a time friends will make an impromptu visit and cart you along with them. These unplanned outings can and do usually turn out to be very expensive. To avoid this happening enlist your besties and have them do the keeping to a good time on a budget thing with you.

This means, they should not be offended when you say no to an impromptu good time. And this also means that you should not be offended when you see their ‘Look what a good time we are having’ posts.

Stick to your budget. Even if your friends do not.

Do it differently

Sometimes doing the same thing every time all the time can get boring. So do different things. One could be visiting another town.

Plan the trips well in advance, preferably a few months or so ahead. This will allow you to figure out how much money will be needed and by what time you would need to have it all.

Agree with your friends or your family to start a trip pot. Which will collect money specifically for things like fuel, car service (always do one before a road trip) and accommodation. If you are going to bus it. For the tickets.

So, if you have not done it yet, make room in your budget for trips, both big and small!



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