You Taking Care of you is a Part of Success

Congratulations if your career or business is doing well and everything on the money front is on the up. You are successful and the one thing that successful people know is that their wellbeing is of the utmost importance. And will therefore do this

Get Regular Health Checks

When you are ill is not the time to create your healthy lifestyle. You must start right away and now is the best time to start. And you start by getting a full medical check.

You may have gotten one at the beginning of your contract or upon registering as a business but, how many years ago was this? To avoid nasty surprises, make getting a health check an annual or bi-annual must do.

Take Control

If there are some things that have been flagged. Make a list of them and follow the recommended steps to control, decrease or eliminate the problem. Then begin to make positive changes in small and manageable steps.

Also, let people know about the things that you would like to control, decrease or slowly give up. Do not give in and break the habit for fear of offending. Just tell people that you are making a lifestyle change and ask them to respect this so you remain consistent. As your success depends on consistency and personal commitment.

It’s your life, and you have the control to turn it into the lifestyle that you want to live.

Are Realistic

You can’t change everything overnight so nothing will happen overnight. And very fast sudden changes can sometimes result in an even more rapid change back to the black-listed habits. So, make regular small steps. No matter how seemingly small or insignificant at the time, maintaining them will result in long term changes that can have long lasting results.

By being realistic and changing your routines and habits you will soon be on your way to making permanent improvements to your life.

Join in

Yes, you are busy and can get very tired but do be part of other people’s activities. People can be your family, friends or social and spiritual groups. Join activities that will allow you a complete break from work.

Join a group that does some physical activity. Football, netball, basketball, aerobics, walking or yoga. At home with your family and friends play some games that challenge your mind. Play some board games and do some puzzles and talk as you play.

Outside the home, besides joining a spiritual group do some community service. Take your mind of your own problems and help others with theirs.


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