Go out There and Sell

Sometimes the product is good, solves problems and is in demand and all you need to do is to sell it. Here is how to

Talk to People

People buy things and need different services your job is to find the people that will buy your product or service and sell to them.

You can go to people at different locations near to you at a shopping mall, a bus station, office complex or online. Talk to people about what you would like to sell and see what their response is.

Talking to people online and in real life will build a relationship with them long before you introduce your product or service. And people buy from people.

Try Different Locations

There will always be specific people out there that will buy from you. They may not necessarily be in the place you think they will be, but identify a place with a varied group and go there. Check out the annual events and try to figure out with a bit of asking around and getting informed as to where you think your product or service will do well.

Sometimes you need not go far or wait for a special occasion. The location may be in the location you live or work. You might want to spread the word or put a sign on your gate make fliers and hand them out or go door to door and introduce yourself and the product (or hire someone to). Do not wait for people to come to you.

Have a Contact List

If you’re going to spend time working to grow your customer base, you’re better off investing that time in building your own contact list and sending messages and pictures of your latest offerings.

We all tend to stick to talking and showing people on a social media platform but, on social media, the algorithm plays an important role in determining who will see your content ( unless you pay for this ). With your own contact list you can send your offers right to the people who’ve given you their contact details.

Build Trust

The people you start selling to or start speaking to will not necessarily buy straight away. This is because they do not know you or your product. Build trust by showing them the people who have already bought your product or service and are happy with it.

Always encourage your customers to give you feedback. Good and bad, so that you can put out the best possible product or service. Use this list of people to encourage others.

Remember you don’t need a huge list for you to make a big impact but you do need a number of people that can give a review and talk about the product. This should be done as often as possible so that your name is out there and is trusted.


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