Tips to Help with Your Selling Game

With the many options people have to get what they want, it is safe to say selling has become more and more difficult where even the big players are having to ramp up their selling game.
For a small or just starting out player to help you with getting sales here are a few tips


Do not waste time on things that will not bring in sales. Do the things that will get you customers and some money. Post on social media to showcase your goods and services, chat with people that you know will get you customers or talk about your product. Or like things similar to what you are selling.
Also, when people approach you and strike up a conversation, help them get to the point. Help them explain why they are talking to you by asking, “So how may I be of help?”
If the answer is not business related, not serious or clearly leaning towards going nowhere but to yet another pointless chat with no real importance; drop it. Go on to a more important chat. And by a more important chat, it means a chat that will get you some business.
Focus your energy and time on bringing in sales and spreading the word about your product and the business.


On social media, there will be a lot of conversations going on at the same time. And some will come to your DM. Most, if not 99% will be of no use to your business. Learn to and know when to join, reply to or leave a conversation.
Many people who want sales feel they must join every conversation but, many people strike up a conversation because they just want to pick your brain. Before joining in a conversation and giving too much away, be sure that there is potential for a sale. Or at the most, a new lead.
In the same vein, audit your contact list and folders. Check for ones you intended to speak to, spoke to once and whose numbers are always ‘outside the coverage area’. Remove numbers that are clearly not going to bring anything in. And keep those that you have some kind of chance with. Either because you follow them online and they look like a likely customer or they bought from you once before.


Cultivate the habit of blocking chunks of time for working and doing certain things that are important and related to your work and business. This time that you block is work time and you should not allow anything or anyone to interrupt you.
At home family demanding your attention, friends calling or long ago seen college mates are the main culprits when it comes to eating away at your time. Police these interruptions and curtail them by responding, if it is family,

“Can we talk about this at lunch time.”

And if it is a friend, especially those you bump into when on business errands, say to them,
“Let’s exchange numbers so we can meet and catch up later.”

Be ruthless with the time you have set aside to work and when you see yourself drifting towards a questionable activity. Ask yourself,

“Is this going to help me sell?”

If the answer is no, drop it and get on with doing something that will help your sales grow.


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