2 Things to Help You Succeed in Self-employment

More and more these days we come across people that say that they are self-employed. For most of these people, the term means that they make their own income. However, there is more to being self-employed than making your own income.

The 2 huge things about being self-employed are that

You are in charge

Being in charge means that you keep on top of every aspect of your income generating work and it also means that you must become a forward thinking person, are constantly reviewing the reasons why you started on certain projects, why you have not finished them and what things you must accomplish.

Many self-employed people are easily distracted and bogged down by the unnecessary day to day. And then lose track of the progress they have made and where they need to focus. And then frustration occurs. And when frustrations occur they begin to doubt if they made the right choice.

Being in charge simply means being alert to every aspect of your self-employed life and keeping on top of things. When you are alert you will find it easy to correct things and steer them away from the many frustrations that do come with being self-employed.

When you are in charge, you run the show. You are in charge of what is being accomplished, when it will be accomplished, how it will be accomplished, where it will be sold and to whom.

In charge means reviewing different aspects of your journey and helping the fire resurface when you’re feeling beat down, because you will feel beat down.

A good thing about being in charge is that you can pick up and move at your pace. And it is not about the number of hours or times you work per week, but about the product. Your product. Which should be the best quality.

You are accountable

As you are in charge, you are also accountable for all things; when they go wrong and when they go right. You are the boss. There is no other boss in a room somewhere who will make sure you’re always okay. You are responsible for running the show and you take the hits when things go wrong.

You may have the freedom and enjoy the perks of owning your own business but you only have yourself to depend on. You run things and this means you are running it all. You are manufacturing a product, you are the foreman of the factory, and the person working on the production line, and the person driving the truck to deliver the product to your customers. Even when you outsource the delivery or ask a friend or family member to do so, you are accountable.

Each step of the way you are in charge. And must be wary of distractions which will often appear to be shiny opportunities. Be careful as opportunities do not just appear like a rabbit out of a hat. Well, rarely do. Or sometimes you will be presented with the opportunity to take shortcuts. Be careful as some paths are not as they seem. If you truly want to accomplish a goal, you will scrutinize everything. Especially things that seem too good to be true. 

Success will usually come through focused effort over an extended period of time. 


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