Successful People Do This; You Should Too

There are hundreds of distractions, requests, or ‘obligations’ that people get caught up in that are really not important and often times ineffective. Successful people know what is important and know that saying NO to some things is not only OK it is smart.

And they also

  1. Use a System to Manage Time

Every new day has you facing mountains of paper work, more tasks, more reminders, more up-coming meetings and so on. And you still have not opened the latest file in your in box. Step back and take a look at what you have on for the day and ask yourself,

“What is the system?”  The answer to this question is what will guide you for what you should be giving the first hours of your day to. Use the prescribed system and if you have none try using a deadline as a guide or the first come first serve system.

A system means that even if something lands on your desk or device at some point in the day you do not drop what you are doing to tackle it. You follow the system because using a system for managing your time and being consistent will ensure that no task will be forgotten and your day’s goals will be attained.

  1. Gather the Necessary Information

For something to go the way you want it to go you must make the necessary efforts to get the results you want and a crucial thing that successful people do is that they arm themselves with the necessary information.

Successful people do not rely on hearsay or gossip. They go out and gather the necessary information and facts that will serve them and their goals. Do the same; go out and gather together all the information that you will need to take the correct action for your work.

  1. Make Changes

Simply working hard in your present job or business will not lead to success in the future.  This is because the more you do of what you do the more you get of what you have got. If you want to succeed you must make changes.

Identify what you lack in your present position and set a goal to achieve it. Make the necessary changes to your skill sets and knowledge base. Even to the tools you use because if you want to move forward in life you must change in some way.

If you do not change and stay where you are you will be rewarded by being left exactly where you are.

  1. Don’t Let Perfection Get in the Way

 There is a phrase that you may have come across in business and it is

“Go ugly early.” Simply it is that you must go ahead and start what you need to start and do what you need to do.

Successful people know that the not so perfect is a way to get a product out the door, gather feedback, and perfect it over time. Starting with the minimum, successful people know that this is often an initial and essential start in the quest for something that will be bigger and better.

So, whatever you set out to do, strive to be great, but know that the first step is getting out there and making something happen. Even if you fail, you will be learning from the experience and making the necessary changes.


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