What to do If Your Salary is not enough

That feeling of your salary not being enough at the end of every month after paying a long list of bills is very common to a lot of people. Universal as it may be, the solution to this money problem is very individual. This means that it is up to you to find a way to solve the problem of having an insufficient salary.
To help you get started here are a few things you can try

Up-Grade Your CV

The moment you start feeling that you start feeling neglected at your present job and especially not getting enough money. It is time to take a look at you C.V.
This is a good way to remind yourself your skills and ultimately your boss of your skills and achievements. And is a reminder of how far you have come and how long you have worked.
It is common to get into a rhythm at work and forget to check on how far you have come and how much you have improved and are contributing since you started. By revisiting your accomplishments for time to time, you can keep an eye on how far you have come and in which areas you have improved.
Ultimately, this re-visit will give you the confidence to visit your boss and talk more money in the salary.

Further Your Education

Many organization put value and pay more according to the qualifications you have. If you are in a position that values a degree over a diploma. Go and get a degree. If you have a degree, go and get a Masters, if you have a Masters go and get a PhD. You get the drift? Keep upgrading but make it make sense for your salary. As there could be a chance that your up-grade may not change a thing for you. For various reasons. One being that there is no vacancy, there is no money to increase salaries or there is no position in the organization that requires your qualifications. In this case, you may have to start looking for another job.
Furthering your education does also mean up-grading or learning a new skill or trade. You could learn how to sew, to bake, to do electrical work, install, recondition and repair air conditioners or drive a heavy duty vehicle. You could also learn how to fish farm, raise poultry or grow exotic plants, fruits and vegetables.
It helps tremendously if you go into something that you see other people around you want done but hate doing it themselves but you like to do.

Explore Having a Side Hustle

The side hustle has undergone a lot of gentrification in the last decade. No longer is it something to look down on but, it is something to brag about because with a side hustle as well as a full-time job you not only command respect from your peers but, you have the all-important privilege of not relying on one income.
Having a side hustle usually requires a lot of effort and commitment on your part. So before you commit your time consider the following:
Do you have the relevant experience?
Can you cope with unexpected challenges?
Will you have the discipline and motivation to keep going?
Who will you turn to for advice?
Are you prepared to work every weekend?
How much money are you prepared to put in the business?
Is there an alternative income to live off during the early stages of your business?
If you have a family, do they understand that there may be less income and time available to spend with them while you are starting your business?
Are you prepared to develop your skills and knowledge in areas that you will need to effectively run your business?

A lot more questions will rear their head, but once you have the basics pinned down. The answers will come. And hopefully the money.

Good Luck.


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