Create Good Passwords

Passwords are your keys. And like keys, they are meant to lock up things we do not want other people getting into. So do create good passwords.

To create good passwords that are not easy-to-guess

  1. Make them long

A good and very strong password should be long. And long is having 12 to 15 characters.

Intruders these days use very sophisticated software to crack passwords. They even have automated applications that they will use to try possible combinations until one works. However the longer the passwords, the harder for the software to guess.

  1. Mix symbols and letters

First thing we all learned or are told is to use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, throw in some numbers and a few special characters in the passwords. This is because the more complex your password is, the tougher it is to crack.

Mixing up letters, numbers and symbols makes a password cracking program take longer. So do throw in some numbers but, avoid your birth date. Throw in some symbols and a phrase you’ll remember.

  1. Have more than one

You have a different key for each room in your house. So have a different password for each different platform and device.

It is tempting to use the same password on several devices and different portals. Why not? It is easier right? Right but, it is easier for the intruder too.

Make sure that each device and each portal you enter has its own unique password. If you do not, when this one password is found or leaked in a data breach, every account that you used that password for will become open to attacks.

  1. Use words only you know

Try choosing words that are familiar to you. Or a phrase that is meaningful to you. A nick name only your mom or dad called you with. Or, the title of a story you read and liked or the name of your favorite dish. The idea here is to avoid personal information that could be easily found online, such as your birthday or the names of your children, the school you went to or the football team you support.

It’s well known that hackers try different combinations of your name, familiar words and numbers first. So, avoid those as much as possible.

Stay Safe.


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