Here is something for the Unemployed Person

First of all know this, you are employable, smart and capable even if getting employed may be taking you longer than you hoped. And, when you do get employed- The organization that hires you will be lucky to get you.

In the meantime here is something you can think about

Behave Like You Are Employed

Many of us grow up with the mindset of doing our studies, graduating and then going to work for a government institution or a private company, either large or small. The idea is to have a structured day at work and get paid for it at the end of the month. But, when this doesn’t happen we sit back and wait. And wait and wait. Spending the days doing nothing but waiting.

You do not have to wait to be employed to have a structured day. You can have that right now. Get into the habit of waking up like you have somewhere to go and something to do. Get out of your bedroom. Have a bath and eat something. Then do something.

You can help to clear a messy living room. Help to water some vegetables. Run a few errands for the people you live with. When you have a structured day at home, you will have no difficulties in adapting to the life of paid employment.

Offer Your Service to Others

Volunteer your time and expertise to people near you. There are a number of children going to and from school in your neighborhood. Consider starting a homework club for parents who are both at work. Offer to supervise and help with homework. Young girls and boys like football these days. Organize them into teams and have competitions.

If you look around you. You will see that people need help. Some need their little shop manning. Some need help with a project they can’t do on their own, either because they lack expertise or they just don’t have time. Offer to do it. Before you know it, you will build your toolkit and credibility in areas you might not get to dive into at a formal job.

And, before long you are busy with doing things and becoming better and better at doing them. And, the more you work for people around you, the easier it will be to begin charging people and making some money.

Awaken the entrepreneur in you

Sometimes we are afraid to take the risk and think that that if we go down the self-employed path we will never get off it. THat we are closing the door to an employed life. Well, this is not necessarily a bad thing because things have changed out there. It used to be pretty safe to stay in one job or in one company for many years but, it isn’t safe anymore. The days of going the structured career path are not available for everyone and there certainly no guarantees anymore.

Dig in to your side hustle or hustle to have a side hustle as soon as possible. The more steps you take onto the entrepreneurial path the better. And the sooner you realize that we are all entrepreneurs, whether we work for ourselves or someone else, the better.



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