Here is Why Pop-Up Markets Are Good for Your Business

Pop up markets, sidewalk sales, food and craft markets on a particular day of the month have become popular over time in many a city. Having a booth at these small or large local selling events is important for your business. This is why

Advertising Costs Are Nearer to Zero

This is because the event organizers will have done their own advertising well before time. And if it is an event that has been running for a long time you will be sure that word of mouth on it is strong. And when you are selling products in a close-knit community, word travels fast.

Be part of that community and take advantage of the opportunity to be one of the businesses at these well attended events.

You Will Have a Chance to Tell Your Story

People come to these events to relax, for the food, drinks and are also looking for something quaint or interesting. You may not have the best food, most beautiful handcrafts or cheapest vegetables but maybe a great story. Your story maybe your unique selling point. So, do take this chance to tell your story. The who, what, where, when and how you started can be addressed in a more relaxed way. All this while someone samples your product.

A good back story or an emotional connection does draw people in. Especially at small local events.

People like Buying from Local businesses 

This is because it gives them a great feeling that they are contributing to the success of their own community and if they are tourists, they like the cultural experience of the people, the food, the dance, the music and the chance to contribute to a local economy. Especially if you have environmentally locally sourced and produced items.

Remember that as the event is small and walkable it means that you are guaranteed a continuous flow of foot traffic and so be ready with some great promotional samples to draw people in. Samples always get people’s attention and will make them come and look at your products. Just remember to not them leave without making an actual sale.

The Competition is in Your Sites

Small, local events mean that the organizers have a wide selection of vendors and more often than not, there will be some competition for you but this makes is easy for you to see what the competition is up to.

You merely have to walk around and past the rival booth to pick up on some valuable information. Also, you will have the opportunity to make friends with other vendors and share information.


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