Must Do Things at Your New Posting

While you think you have time to settle in and get used to living in a new place there are still some things that you must do as soon as you arrive.

These are

Introduce Yourself to your Neighbours

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors (if you haven’t met them yet) and other residents in the community. Some people will come and introduce themselves soon after you arrive, but more likely than not they will wait for you to make the first move. So, as soon as possible go over to the neighbours and introduce yourself.

Be ready to be given the cold shoulder because not everyone will be open to a stranger. When you get the cold shoulder do not prolong the stay. Do make an effort to greet neighbours each chance you get because putting yourself out there from the start will help you settle in your new place faster.

Explore the Neighbourhood

Start with getting familiar with the land marks near you and familiarize yourself with the local events and happenings by following local groups on social media, if any. Also, listen to the local radio station and follow the community news. If you have small children, take a walk around the neighbourhood with them.

Children will spontaneously speak to other children and this will lead to you meeting other parents. As you talk with other parents in the neighbourhood, find out where to get the best fresh produce, meats and poultry and other groceries.

There is nothing wrong with exploring the area on your own. And in fact it is sometimes better. As you are not relying on second information but on your own experience. Move around and get familiar with the different streets, neighbourhoods and local haunts. This way you will get to know very quickly where to go for your different needs like where the nearest medical and dental facilities are. Where the local police are stationed and where to get onto public transport, if you do not have your own transport.

Establish a regular routine

When you establish a regular routine, you find that you meet people with the same routine as you. And you will begin to feel connected to them. If you are out and on the way to work at a particular time, so will another person. Maybe a colleague from work. And this will make it easier for you to begin to get to know each other.

Even a simple thing as going to the same place for a quick lunch or to shop for things to take home after work are opportunities to meet people. And when you see the same person all the time, starting a conversations will be easy. Before you know it, you are getting along and a real friendship has begun.

Do know that it is ok to feel unconnected to a place for a year or two, because making friends and feeling like you belong always takes time. And everyone experiences shifting differently so do not feel discouraged if takes you longer to feel at home in your new place.

Enjoy your new posting and celebrate the accomplishment.


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