Finding Your Place in the Workforce

Being the newbie or the junior person in the work place can be very daunting and a confidence shaker but the first years in the work place may be made easier if you

  1. Get to know more 

Many people on entering the workforce think that it is just a place to work and a new found status. That the work place is just a place to come to every day, do a certain thing then leave the place at an allotted time.

The clocking in and clocking out ritual is easy to fall into and before you know it you are one of the crowd but, there is more to this than falling in and being counted as an employed person.

Get to know the organization you work for and not just the details of your job. Try finding out more than just how to function in it. Get to know the bigger picture like the history of the place, the reason for its being and what the plans are for their and your future ( if any).

  1. Identify what you like

Knowing how to do your job well is very important but so is identifying what you like about your work. What you like about it may be the starting point for what your purpose is or your contribution will be.

When you like something about your work it will make it easier to tolerate the parts that you do not like and it will make it easier and more pleasant to develop the parts that you like.

  1. Fit in

Knowing the organization and what you like about your work will help you see how you fit in. You will get better at your work and figure out what you have to offer the world.

Once you figure out what you’re going to offer, then you should get good enough at it to where you are regarded as indispensable because you are playing a vital role.


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