The Mentor someone is looking for is You

Mentoring is a really great way to support someone else in their development and for you to share your knowledge, skills and experience with them. There is a mentor in you someone could benefit from because

  1. You Have Skills

You have been doing what you do for a number of years and have become quite skilled at it. Be it in banking, personnel management, project management, fund raising, organizing people and events, running a department or your own business.

You have skills that others do not have and you have a knack for getting better and better at what you do. Someone could benefit from this about you.

  1. You are Successful

You have accomplished some things in your life and have been rewarded for them either by way of a successful career, business and comfortable lifestyle. Your accomplishments, whether you know it or not, have been noticed by other people and it is sure that there is someone out there who could use some guidance from you.

Your approach to life is something that brought you success and it can be passed on to another person so that they too can succeed.

  1. You Are Often Sought Out

You are the one that people come to with the line “Can I ask you a question?” or “I need some advice’.” This means that you are highly considered and your advice is valued. In some of the cases it will be on something that you yourself have succeeded at and in others it may be totally unrelated. But, because you are an accomplished person this makes you sought after. It is, therefore, very important that you do not undervalue what you have achieved in life.

It is how far you have come and what you have achieved that sets you apart and draws others to you for advice.

  1. You Like to Motivate Others

You are always ready with a kind and positive word of encouragement and like to motivate others. You do not see another person’s success as competition but only want them to succeed and you will push them to achieve the standards you hold to and you know they are capable of.

For you another person’s success is your reward.

  1. You know who You are

You understand that you are not perfect and that you can fail but you are comfortable in your skin and know your limits. You also know that getting caught up in other people’s dramas can be challenging but you strive to push them in the right direction. Even when they do not agree with you; you are the leader they need at this point in their lives.

You are the mentor they are looking for.


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