Find A Mentor








If you have the chance to meet someone with the above traits, make friends with them. This person can help you to set goals and work towards achieving them. They can plan your future with you and help you choose the path to take for your self-development. They could, perhaps introduce you to a network and to opportunities you would not otherwise be party to.

Nearly every profession is documented and followed these days. However, besides all the following you are doing now, you need to find a real life person to talk to. It is not so easy but it is a good idea to find a person you will follow in your circles that is available and ready to offer support.

  • This person should be someone you can confide in and someone that will ‘get you’ and where you are going.  They can give you real time advice that will help you as you make your way to your goals.

  • This person should be able to relate to the experiences that you are having. They should be successful people themselves but do not necessarily have to be in the same field as you because they are there to help you think.  Sometimes you will not get help with all your issues, this is okay. As long as they can help you in other areas.

  • This person must be trustworthy and discreet. It is no use sharing your issues and plans with someone who will broadcast them without your permission or worse ridicule you in public or behind your back.Up (2)

  • This person must value your ideas and where you want to get to. They must let you know where you are going right and where you are failing.

This person, called a mentor is invaluable; find one.



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