Work Place Long-Term Things to Do

Nothing is more important than the other and there is no particular order but doing the listed will help your life at work

  1. Be enthusiastic about your job and be happy that you have one. It is tempting to grumble about one thing or the other but overall you have a place to channel your energies and a pay check at the end of it.
  2. Be a hard worker and a doer. Sometimes you will feel like your work is mundane, repetitive and boring and people are rude and impossible but, carry on. Do not stop doing what you do as a lot of people do depend on you. Even the rude ones.
  3. Be a good person and treat everyone well; your boss, your colleagues, your subordinates, your clients. Much like the second point the consistency here will hold you in good stead and keep you sane.
  4. Be diligent and put in the hours you are required to achieve results. No one will begrudge you your breaks (and it is illegal for you to have none) but be at your work station when you should be at your work station.
  5. Be prudent with office supplies and company resources. Believe you me there is no office supply heaven churning out manna as most of it or every item was paid for with company resources. Resources which affect the bottom line and you eventually.
  6. Be a finisher and a closer of deals. The temptation may be to pack in as many assignments or clients as possible but if the work is half done it means that half the clients are UNHAPPY.
  7. Be a good ambassador of your work place; badly stacked shelves, the late opening of a client’s account or late deliveries will not be shared as Banda, Mary Mwansa or John but The Bank of… or the Movers at… are incompetent, sloppy, slow and dirty.
  8. Be open to criticism, suggestions and praise. There is no way you will be able to cover all the bases so keep an open mind and take it all in when it comes in; the good, the bad and the unfounded.
  9. Be honest and do not lie about deadlines, meetings, resources or your time. Every time you give a vague answer or send someone away to come back another time because you do not have your facts right is every time that you are deceitful.
  10. Be nice to your colleagues (at all levels) and do not always be negative about what they can or cannot do. They were hired to do a certain job as you were too (and not to do yours). No one can do your job as well you can and so give everyone a break and the respect they deserve.



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