3 Things at Your Premises that Give a Bad Impression

No one likes taking care of the small stuff but it is the small stuff that can weigh in on your character and give signs about your reliability, willpower and commitment.


So the window is broken and no one knows who did it and even if you do know who did it the card board box you pasted quickly on the missing pane area was supposed to be temporary. It is now 6 months or a year down the line and the tape is peeling off and the card board has got water marks and is covered in dust. So too are the things inside the room the window stands at. By the way a broken windowpane not only allows the weather into the premises dirtying up everything but it is also a security risk.

Replace the window pane immediately before it shatters your reputation.


This entrance is into your premises so old signs; faded stickers, missing numbers or letters are a no-no. So too are sagging doors with loose door handles, rubbing doors that are hard to open and close; damaging the paint, the varnish and leaving ugly marks on the floor.  It really does not give a good impression when doors are broken, handles are missing, and keys are stuck in the hole or when the entire door is warped, corroding, crooked, squeaking or hard to close.

Ask a carpenter to take care of the problem before it closes the door on any future deal.


The drip, drip, drip at the sink, hand wash basins, toilets or garden taps will not hold you in good stead if a client, your boss or future deal partner comes to your premises. Not only are you wasting water but you are ruining the surface of your basins and telling the world that you are lazy and neglectful.

When a tap starts leaking fix the problem immediately as it is never a good idea to ignore a leaking tap. Nor is it a good idea to ignore a blocked toilet or leaking tank and no amount of cleaning and tidying up in the kitchen area can disguise the messy dripping sink. The sooner you tackle it the easier and cheaper it will be to fix.

“A small thing is a small thing but, it is a big thing to be faithful to a small thing.” Muster your will power and call a plumber.


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