2 Cheap Ways to Uplift Your Home

Tired of the dull and drab look you are coming home to? Before you go off to buy something expensive to put in your rooms just step back and assess your surroundings. Chances are that you might only need to administer a lot of elbow grease and a little TLC with

1.     Order

Leaving items in the wrong place in the house gathering dirt and dust makes your place look shabby. Newspapers, pullovers, socks, shoes, slippers, dirty cups, plates, toys, bags all in the wrong places and all over the place just give an untidy impression and make the place look drab and tired.

Walk around your home and collect items that are just lying around. Books, DVDs, CDS, remote controls, batteries, bags, shoes, cups, plates, empty shopping bags, pens, rubbers, pencils, keys etc. Gather everything up that is in the wrong place and put it away.

Newspapers and books can be stacked and stored away on a shelf or in a cupboard. Remote controls can be put in their place by the devices, clothing items can be placed in the wardrobes in their respective bedrooms, cups, plates and cutlery used the days before can be cleaned and returned to their rightful places.

Empty shopping bags can be folded neatly and placed in one spot until needed; preferably out of sight. Keys can be placed in a small basket or hang on a hook in one place.

There is a place for everything and if everything is in its place the impression is a whole lot different.

2.    Deep Cleaning

There are a lot of often overlooked places in the home and with time and neglect the grime and dirt on them can give the rooms a distinct murky look. Walk around all the rooms in your home and clean up thoroughly to get rid of dirt, dust and insects.

In each room, dust the lamps and light fixtures, wipe the sockets, clean the doors (wardrobes, desks, drawers  and cabinets) wipe and clean the skirting, window sills and handles. Dust the corners, cornices and ceilings and all the forgotten angles and hidden places in the home.

In your living room get into the hard to reach places, move furniture that you rarely move and shake out the rugs, mats, cushions and curtains that are very good dust collectors. Wash the mats, rugs, curtains and the windows, doors and handles.

In the kitchen, clean the pantry, counter tops, the small appliances, the sink and taps. Clean the oven, microwave, and refrigerator and do not forget to wash the bins (both the indoor and outdoor bins).

Do remember the toilet and bathroom. Give the mirror a good wipe down, scrub the sink, tub, taps, and toilet bowl and wipe the outside of the shank thoroughly. Open the windows and let in some fresh air.

It is a lot of work and the idea of a deep clean can be discouraging but, designate a month to deep clean a room at a time in your home and you will be in awe of the results. Also, try to make it a family affair so you do not only or always rely on the domestic help.

Tackle a little bit of cleaning each day, so that your home stays tidy without overwhelming you.


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