If it is Broken, Get It Fixed

When there are problems in the unit you are renting and none of them are caused by you, do not be afraid to let the owner of the property know. You are paying them to live in a functioning space.

So, as soon as something goes wrong

  1. Inform Them

Call, text, or talk to them face to face but, make the problem known. Be professional, clear and unemotional. At the same time keep a record of the conversation.

Record the date and time of all discussions and who they were with: the contact person, the property manager or unit owner.

  1. Meet Them

Agree to meet with your property owner or property manager to fix the issue. If possible, do so at the premises you are renting so that they can see what your problem is and also so that there is no misunderstanding later.

Politely talk and walk them through the place and clearly explain the problem.

  1. Commit Them

Make sure you ask the property owner or property manager when they will be taking care of the issue. If the time is too far of let them know that the time specified is not soon enough.

If the person you are speaking to is not the owner and does not seem interested in helping, contact the owner directly and get a concrete date.

  1. Write Them

If the property owner does not respond after you have discussed the problem in person. Put your complaint in writing. Mention the dates and times of the discussions you had, as well as any face-to-face conversations.

If a deadline to fix the problem was missed, mention this. Request that action be taken in a timely manner and mention that you are keeping a copy of this letter for future reference.

Don’t let the place fall down around you contact the owner; sometimes they simply need to be told to do right by you.


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