The Content Does Matter

Your website, like a brick and mortar store needs to have goods in it. Otherwise visitors will assume you are not open for business. The goods in this case is content.

If your site does not have regular quality content, your chances of being found are significantly decreased. Here are a few tips to follow so you keep your website relevant

Be Inviting

Imagine walking into a store and finding it looks like a dump site. Or everything is still in unmarked boxes. Do not just put stuff on the site for the sake of putting stuff. Add a catchy picture of the new stock, a new price list or an upcoming event. Adding attractive content on each web page grabs the visitors’ attention and makes sure they don’t leave the site immediately.

Always be asking yourself, “is the content good, current and useful?” Make sure all of the content is good quality and that it helps your visitors and not annoy them.

Update Often

If your site contains frequently updated content, visitors have another reason to return and bookmark your site. Also when you update and add new content frequently search engine crawlers will visit your site more often. You should up-date content at least once a week. More if you can manage. And you may also, add a new page, if it is useful, helpful and relevant. Or if your business is going in a new direction and warrants it.

Sites that have not been updated in over a month are considered abandoned pages by most visitors.

Pick a Niche

Sometimes you do not need long form posts. You can post snippets of content as it happens, hourly or daily. For example, if you have a restaurant site, post a food related quote, the history of a certain food or a health benefit. Add monthly food tips, new recipes and the best sellers of the month. Add content even if your site only sells products and make sure it is helpful and current and it speaks about what you offer.

If your site sells a service or goods, it should have complete product information, such as how to reach you, how to use the product or service, its capabilities, reviews, and user comments (if enabled). This not only brings more visitors to your web pages, but when visitors see these types of features, it gives them a reason to visit again.


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