These Noise Pollution Sources May Surprise You

Let’s face it noise can be very unpleasant and even more so when you want to have a nap or concentrate on a task that needs all your attention. More seriously, noise pollution is damaging to health.

The following are examples of noise pollution sources that may surprise you:

Our Communities

Noise or noisy sounds, can be discomforting but we seem to be less and less put out by the noise levels in our communities. We are so used to noises from vehicles, aircraft, industrial machines, loudspeakers, fireworks, clubs, advertising and celebrations. And our appliances have become a normal part of life. Walk into any home, office or shop and you will find a television, music system or radio on at high volume.

The increasing noise around us is what is called noise pollution and it seems to have become a mere back ground sound effect than a serious problem.

Our Transport

Cars, cars and more cars. The increased number of vehicles on the roads are another source of noise pollution. The honking, the braking, skidding, the music, the public address systems and the shouts from the call boys at every bus stop. All these are sources of noise pollution.

Our Work Places

It used to be our work and living places were segregated into residential and commercial but this seems to have become less and less now.

Walk out the door, drive around the corner and chances are you will encounter noise pollution in the form of grinders, welding machines, generators and maize milling stations. Then add the construction of new homes, roads, bridges and malls. All this add to the noise pollution in our environment.

Our Worship Centers

Not just on days of worship but on other events such as retreats, weddings, youth camps etc. All these public gatherings involve loudspeakers to call for worship, instruments to play music and loud screams and thunderous noises that result in the production of very loud noise in the neighborhoods.

The Unnecessary usage of horns, loudspeakers either for religious functions or for celebratory purposes is also noise pollution.

NOTE: Noise pollution can be hazardous to people with hypertension as it causes elevated blood pressure levels.

It can cause hearing loss as the continuous exposure to loud noise that are beyond the range of sound that human ears can withstand can damage the eardrums.

It can hamper sleep and when we lack sleep this will result in fatigue and low energy levels throughout the day affecting everyday activities.


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