Do a Social Media Platform Check, This is Why

Many businesses or brands know now that being able to target a specific audience is invaluable and good for business. This is why they will choose their platforms very carefully.

Choosing the right platform can make a big difference to your business. So occassionally do check to

See where people are flocking to

It is quite easy to see where people are going by checking with the people around you first. Check with your family, friends, colleagues and traditional media. Chances are you will get a good idea of where people are flocking to. To be absolutely sure and if you can, check the number of users each platform boasts. The numbers don’t lie. 

Many of the newer platforms are growing at a rapid rate. And probably some of your competitors are on some of these platforms already. Which means, you better catch up or try and beat them to it if they are not on the paltform yet. One thing for sure is that they will be there soon. Especailly on the most engaging platforms that in no time do attract millions, maybe billions of users. 

Check on the Posting Frequency and Styles

Watch how often people communicate on the platform you have joined and how they interact with other people. Watch how they build relationships and garner followers online.

Watching these interactions will give you an idea on the way the platform best works. And the way it can best work for you. Especially if you want to be on it to make money. 

Posting frequently will give an indication of your voice and style to others. And can expand your reach. Your reach, will give an indication on whether you have the potential to translate your prescence on the platform into a cash. 

Also know, before a business, organization or individual will approach any person or business on line, they will watch to see how they  conduct themselves. And try to guage if they have the potential to increase their sales, product acceptance or improve their public image. And if they are the right fit for them.

Have an Idea of the Type of Content 

Check on what people are putting out there, besides pictures of cute pets, children and fun moments. Chances are the content they put out albeit in a low key informal manner will be titbits of their business history or some pertinent information on the product they are selling. Or who they have done business with. 

Some people will, for example have a downloadable fact sheet listing specific things about them. And what they include in the downloadable will depend on the industry they are in and the people they are targeting. And also, the communicating style of the platform.

People are very creative in the way they give out information, so check on this content before you add your own. To make sure it stands up to the competition and is doing you a service. And when you decide to share content, as a general guide, tell a story. Include a brief biography, examples of your work (good photos) and some forthcoming assignments. Also add and urge people to go to your other social media pages and websites. 

Do remeber to mention as often as possible, where you can be reached and make sure that this form of contact will put you in touch with people quickly and easily. 

Decide if you are on the right Platform

There are so many platforms out there but it does not necessarily mean you have to be on all of them. Your reach can dramatically change depending on the platform you choose, your target market and the way you tell your story on the platform. 

Some platforms are better than other platforms when it comes to showcasing who you are. There are employment oriented platforms, photo sharing platforms, music sharing platforms and storytelling platforms and so on. Do check if are you on the right platform. And then make the necessary changes.


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