The Right Social Media Channel is The New Office This is How to Use It

Going to work every day is for many people getting out of the house and commuting to a location and setting up or sitting in a specific space.
With the advent of the internet this has changed a lot, the office or work space is now ever on line.

But, easy as it may sound, for many to set up and conduct business on line is overwhelming. Here are a few things to know and do that will help navigate the complex online space

Choose a Platform

Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Twitter each offer different audiences and it is up to you to choose. Look out for how you can make use of the platform you join because they all have networking opportunities to take advantage of.

Determine how the platform will add value to your business besides helping you connect with old friends and allowing you to add your voice to the many debates going.

Like the choice of business or work you choose you need to make the right choice of platform and equip yourself with enough information to make the big decision on what channel is right for you.

Set your goals

Be clear with what you want to achieve and choose 1 or 2 objectives. Do you want to have more people calling you for work or to buy? Or do you want your work to be seen by a specific buyer or client only.

Setting your goals will help you identify your target and will give you chance to divide your time in a way that will help you pick the best approach, the best platform fro you and the best time to approach a possible client out of a sea of less-than-interesting options.

And with a goal in mind you will be able to choose the best messages to send out.

Connect and Interact

Your network is your net worth. Simply put, someone knows someone who knows someone who wants what you are offering.

Building a network and interacting is as simple as having conversations with people. Your communication style will stem from your passions and interests and the make-up of your profile. All this together will help you in the way you interact with others and it will help you gauge whether people will be willing to purchase or work with you.

After that, it’s the domino effect; they’ll be sending your profile to their friends, their boss or the head of a company you’re interested in working for. It’s likely that you will stumble into your success rather than being in control of it.

Be Strategic

Choose one or two tactics that work within your budget, make sense for your audience and that you can commit the time to. Are you going to upload videos, pictures or simply write short messages? Choose a strategy.

Of course you can “test and refine” your approach. There is no hard and fast rule. Just be strategic about it to get the greatest payback and as you go along, increase your investment in the strategy that works well and revise or scrap those that aren’t working as well as you would like them to.

Also check out competitors and see what they are doing. Just because what you are doing is working does not mean you should not look at your competitor. What they are doing and why it works for them. Reviewing what your competition is doing can help you refine your tactics and help you create your own unique approach.

Never stop producing helpful content, so your visitors will come back and your popularity will grow.


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