Surprisingly Simple Things to Build a Healthier and Happier You

Everyone is different and there are many things we are told to do for a healthy and happy lifestyle but some of them are rather basic and here they are

Drink Water
It’s surprising how many people will forget to drink water and yet it is the easiest thing to do. Yes, sometimes the source is not reliable and you will opt for something else other than water but then you forget that you did not drink water that day.
Your body and your brain need water. Without proper hydration, neither can function properly!
Eat Vegetables
There is a myth that if you eat only vegetables then you are poor. For some reason someone decided to put it in our heads that eating a lot of meat is a sign of success. Well, this is a pity as we are surrounded by local seasonal vegetables that are rich in nutrients that you should be eating every day.
Do not forget to add local seasonal fruits, all the nuts you can buy or dig up, beans and fresh boiled or roasted maize for a healthier and happier you.
Be Active
As you get older and busier you will find that you spend less and less time doing actual physical activity. Getting into the work space early in the day and leaving late in the afternoon means there is nothing more you would rather do than get home to a comfy chair and put your feet up. By all means do so but if this continues as a habit the weight and reluctance to exercise will find a permanent home in your life. This is not healthy. Be active!
Leave Work at Work
To live a happy and healthy life you must find the discipline to stop working and take a break. This is easier for some professions and harder for others and it is even more difficult if you work from home. At home you cannot leave your work at work but to leave work at work simply means doing what you can to get some ‘you’ time.
Start by not checking messages during or after supper for example as this is one of the most effective ways to reduce on work permeating your private life. There’s only so much you can do in one day so give yourself a break.
Take the time to recharge as you need it to be a happier and in good health.
Edit Friendships
If you find that the things you do with your friends are always eating and drinking way too much-it may be time to cut off these friendships. Try doing something different or doing it with less people. Or try being alone.
Take moments alone and whether that means curling up in bed or on the settee watching a series or movie, hitting the gym, or making a home-cooked meal for one or two this is up to you. Just remember that it’s OK to say no to a night out with friends, a party, or whatever it is that they will try and guilt you into attending or convince you that you are going to miss out on.


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