Here is How to Financially Survive Pay Day

When you have cash it’s easy to turn a blind eye to money draining habits but here is how you can cut back on spending too much on pay day

Watch out for “It’s only…”
Spending on big things you may think is what gets you into trouble with money but, often it is the everyday little things that end up costing more over time.
Small purchases or people asking you for little amounts will add up. Even if at the moment they don’t seem to be a big deal. When you give out small amounts every day, multiple times a day they can add up to hundreds each month or thousands each year.

Know Your Spending Habit
Get to know your habits. How and where do you spend your money when it comes in? This tracking of expenditures is a good reality check. It’s not about judging yourself, it’s about getting to know yourself better.
By looking closely at your spending habits, you will be able to have a good picture of where your money goes and you will make the correct choices when it comes in.

Pay Attention to Expenses
Paying attention will help you to see how the money is going in and out of your pocket once it is in. This will give you a reasonable idea and time line of money movements and allow you to take action and not be spending too much too quickly.
Track what goes out every week on food, transport, phones, clothing and entertainment. It will show you if you are spending more or less than you can afford.

Keep it Reasonable
Avoid buying too many big ticket items at once. Especially if the stuff is just so that you want to be seen to be doing well or because you think you should have big and expensive items.
Live according to your means and your priorities, and don’t compare and judge your life (and stuff) with other people – you’ll be much happier and your income will go a long way.

Don’t Get Swept Up
The month end shopping rush is inevitable but, train yourself to wait. Wait a few days and avoid the initial shopping rush so that you are not swept away by the wave of “special” offers and other people’s enthusiasm. Shop very early in the day or later in the evening.


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