5 Clever Tactics for Spending Money

Sometimes it is hard to stick to your budget but there are clever ways to spend your money that will help the process for you. Some of these tactics may not be terribly rewarding in the short-term, but you’ll thank yourself down the road.  Use these tactics when dealing with

  1. Rent

The rent does not have to wait until the due date to be paid. Pay your rent as soon as possible and if you have some extra money that you know will not earn any interest or not that much in your account; put it towards the rent. Pay in advance especially if you know that you might spend it on something that you want and do not actually need.

  1. School Fees

Pay fees in advance for your children if you have any or for yourself. Pay the required fees before they are due if you can afford it. This will lessen the stress of finding fees just before the school gates open. And you will not have to fight temptation to spend it on something else and later find yourself short on the fees.

  1. Electricity

To make sure that you do not keep loading the meter switch to energy efficient bulbs especially in the rooms you use the most. Switch off the lights in the rooms you are not in. Also, set your geyser thermostat to an acceptable temperature for the season and do not have it at boiling point all year round. And switch it off when not in use.

  1. Water

This is the overlooked and often taken for granted item in the house probably because it just gushes out every time you turn on the tap but you can reduce your bill by making sure that nothing is leaking in the yard and in house none of the taps or toilets leak. Buy stoppers for your kitchen sink and do not wash dishes under a running tap and when brushing your teeth do not let the water run while you brush.

  1. Food

This is a matter of taste but many a time it is a matter of the pocket. Knowing in advance the prices helps so grab a store ad when they come out and use it to put together your grocery list. Shop once a week for your food (and monthly for toiletries and cleaning products) and not daily because the more you shop, the more you will succumb to impulse buys.

And minimize eating takeaways and restaurant meals as eating out is much more expensive than preparing your own food, so pack a lunch at home instead and bring it with you to work.


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