26 Ways to Recognize Unsuccessful people

Unsuccessful people:

  1. Always use time as an excuse because they manage their own time badly
  2. Blame others, bear grudges, never forgive and will seldom if ever forget
  3. Choose to do nothing even when they can or have been paid to do a job
  4. Do not set goals and usually wait and see what happens before they do anything
  5. Expect bad things to happen all the time and are constantly waiting for disasters
  6. Focus on fear and failure and have no enthusiasm for anything
  7. Get more than they give all the time and have no qualms
  8. Have stopped reading, applying themselves, learning and growing
  9. Insist their lives are controlled by forces outside their control
  10. Judge based on their beliefs and prejudices
  11. Keep doing the same thing over and over again
  12. Limit themselves and prefer to go with the flow
  13. Mentally rehearse failure and affirm negativity
  14. Never make plans or lists and prefer to rely on their memory
  15. Only they know so usually never listen to others nor do they ask for help
  16. Procrastinate and say that they will do it soon so never finish what little they start
  17. Quarrel with everyone and take everything personally
  18. Renege on deals or promises
  19. Spend their time with people going nowhere
  20. Talk negatively about others every chance they get
  21. Use threats to solve problems
  22. Vanity is worn like a badge of honor because they are arrogant
  23. Want everything immediately as are lazy, selfish, impatient and greedy
  24. X-plain everything as luck, an accident or as the paranormal
  25. Yield to no one, are inflexible and refuse to change
  26. Zealously hang on to their habits and are glued to the same assumptions


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