The Benefit of Always Pursuing Knowledge

It is remarkable how many people will surf the net for all sorts of trivia (which, if you like random facts, can be fun sometimes ) and pass it on to the next person but will not pursue with the same relish, new ideas in their line of work or trade. It is like some authority said,

“Stop pursing more useful knowledge.”

Let’s face it, some of us will not pick up reading or research material unless we have a deadline to meet, an exam to write and a certificate to receive at the end of it all. Many of us will read a newspaper every day but will not sit down to read a book (hard or soft copy) even on a familiar subject we may have enjoyed in secondary school or at our higher place of learning. Be it at a university, college, institution, foundation or on-line, that part of us seems to disappear into oblivion.

The pursuit of knowledge does not have to have a set time table and does not have to come with a piece of paper and a lettered title at the end, although those letters are a great testament to your abilities and help with job and salary scales they are not the holy grail. Please don’t misunderstand the university way is very good as by presenting things to you in a well-researched, disciplined and strictly prescribed regimen it speeds up the process of garnering knowledge. However, whether you choose the lecture theatre or online way to enhance your knowledge do not let this be the only way to get your creative juices going.

Besides the lecture room or online platform way, watching and asking people to show you how they do what they do are very invaluable. Be alert to what is going on around you as it will serve you well. A lot of successful people have started their own business by doing work they volunteered to do for the sake of learning something new. And because they were eager and open to learning they spotted something others had not; receiving success in their career or business.

It is crucial that you continue seeking knowledge even after you start making a salary because what you came into the professional world as will only take you so far. There is more learning to be done and more changes to be made. Seeking more knowledge is pivotal to your success. The luck or chance you are waiting for, well in words from Louis Pasteur, “favors only the prepared mindset.”


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