For Your Grocery Shopping Do This

Buying groceries instead of fun and relaxing can be so stressful an experience these days especially with the way prices are going. Changing almost in front of our eyes and not in a pleasing way.

So to help you get the best out of your shopping do this:

Plan Meals

It really is helpful to plan what you will eat for the week. You will not have that mad dash to the grocery shops or the food stall at the end of the street if you have a plan. A weekly plan.

Make a List

Make a shopping list for everything you need in the week. It may sound impossible to know exactly what you will need in the week but, trust me this list will help you when you go to the store. It will help you to not stray and keeping to your list will, save money because you won’t be making impulse buys for foods you won’t eat. Or for food that will go bad before you can cook it.

Buy Seasonal

When you are going out and about. Pay attention to what is in abundance. Is it cabbage, is it kale or spinach? Are the egg plants seemingly popping up on every vendor’s cart? Take stock of what is the top seller because most likely it is in season and cheaper than other foods.

Choose a Day

Choose the day you will do this weekly shopping. Will it be Saturday, Sunday or Monday? Whatever you do…avoid Friday. If it is the month-end…go early because the store will be less crowded and you will not be carried away by the frenzy of the crowd and be tempted to add unnecessary items to your basket.

Know the Stores

Shop around and see what each chain has. And which vendors are consistent. Buy from the vendor with the best prices for the items you buy most often. Sometimes just shopping at a cheaper outlet or hawker instead of a trendier, fancier store can help you stretch your money. If the cheaper store is a ways out then manage your trips and only go when the biggest bargains are on.

Buy in Bulk

All nonperishable items should be bought once a month and in bulk if you can store them. Like buy 18 rolls of toilet paper on sale instead of just six at a time. Or buy the dishwashing liquid, laundry and bath soaps as soon as it comes on special and store it! But remember not to buy items you won’t be able to use just because they are on sale, or you’ll be losing and not saving money.


Make the most of what you have in the kitchen and use as many of the groceries you bought as you can. By the end of the week, if you have planned well, most of them should be gone, and you should have very little waste.

Check Foods

Check your foods for when they will expire. And check the foods you bought in bucket loads to see if they are not getting invaded by weevils and such. Cook anything that looks like it may be about to go off. Even if it is a lot; cook it and then divide it into meal portions and freeze it. And always arrange your cupboards and refrigerator so the oldest item gets used first.

Treat Yourself

Allow yourself to buy something special occasionally. Keeping an eye on the money does not mean you should stop enjoying what you eat. It’s okay to indulge in your favorite items. Like if you really like a particular and expensive brand of food then don’t take it out of your diet. Indulge in it once in a while and when it comes on sale-stock up!


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