The Occasional Self-Assessment Helps When Side Hustling

The side hustle journey is not for everyone. It is long, full of surprises and rife with ups and downs.

A self-assessment may be helpful before and after you embark on this path. And will help to:

Orientate You
Orientating yourself is much like what you would do when you are about to visit a new place. And like with a place whose location you are unsure of, the first thing you do is get the correct address. Knowing where you are going and what mode of transport you use to get there, will make you more confident to take the trip.
So even if you may have a hustle or do not know yet what type of hustle you want to enter into; ask yourself and honestly assess what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you can get feedback from peers or colleagues, that will be even better for you.
This combination of self-assessment and feedback, should help you to list your top skill sets (and your top weaknesses). And help to show you if the side hustle you want to embark on or have embarked on will work for you and matches your personality.

Capitalize on your strengths
Having the skills or personality to meet the side hustle demands is great, but that’s not all that is going to help you if you do not use those attributes. Focus on what you really do well and make those strengths work for you.

Are you a good orator? Do you have photography skills? Do you have great flower arranging skills, do you find it easy to rally people around a cause? Are you good at drawing? Any of these things can come in handy when it is time to push your hustle.

For instance, 2 people can have hats for sale…but if you can photograph your own stock, write zippy tag lines, write a skit around them and get people to like, share and comment.  Will be good because any time you use that one extra thing you know how to do in your hustle. You give yourself a chance to succeed.

Hone Your Communication and Work Style
How do you or will you execute tasks and get the work done? Will you be a vision board maker? A do- it- right- away person? Will you delegate? Are you a person that likes to control situations? Do you prefer to go through connections?

When communicating, do you grab the spot-light, do you wait before saying your piece? Do you prefer to communicate via friends, family, colleagues or in group messaging apps?

Assessing your communication style and your workstyle is another important task to do. It will help you when it is time to market your service or product to the world. When you figure out the style you like or prefer-get good at it. 


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