Special Offers, 6 Things to Watch Out For

Who does not want something offered on special or even better for free but, sometimes what looks like a good or free offer might just end up costing you money

The 2 for 1

These days, many a shop offers their customer a chance to buy 2 items for the price of one or to buy two items and take a 3rd for absolutely nothing. These are fantastic offers but are they really free? To get the free item there is a pre-condition and that is to buy. Therefore, the free item is not truly free as it comes with a condition to buying an initial first or second item. Something that is truly free will not come with a precondition. Free are for instance those little portions of sausage, cheese or juice one might get offered at the supermarket by staff promoting the product. Those are truly free as you can sample them without paying anything at all.

The last chance or price slash

Clothes and condiments spring to mind and they are usually conveniently placed on a table or large container at the entrance of the outlet or just by the pay point. Grant it there are some really good deals to be found if you do not mind rummaging and are willing to overlook the dents and dirt on the items but beware that you do not pick up something that is ‘misplaced’, ‘mispriced’ or  ‘oops…it’s not on offer’.

Before the cashier starts ringing items up and demands payment check that it is the price advertised, that it really has been marked down and that it has not expired or will expire soon and be inedible.

The free tyre

Tyres are a real burden on the pocket of any one owning a car and to get an offer of a free tyre is like unbelievably good. However, the wording on such a special offer is preceded by, buy. Buy a set of tyres, buy a car or pay for a car service. None of these things are cheap and as much as a free tyre sounds good it is prudent to check if you need a set of new tyres, your car is due for a service or that you have money for a new car. If the answer is yes then, indeed you can afford the special offer.

The scratch and win

The shop announces this not to be missed offer maybe via social media or a poster at its doors and your eyes light up at the chance to win something.  A holiday, a car or a hamper or be included in a chance to win up to 2ook of cash. The proviso, of course, is that you spend a prescribed amount each time to qualify for the draw. The allure of the probable win may make one frequent an outlet or buy scratch cards in amounts that are unnecessary. By all means take part if you must but before you become a regular at the store or buy all those scratch cards count the real cost.

The ‘for only’

For only 2, 5, 10, 20 parts of your money you can have an unlimited, free, daily something or the other on your electronic device. The ‘for only’ sounds so manageable and customer friendly but, when the same amount is deducted every day, all week, all month, all year (no matter how little you use the service) it begins to add up. And the only for 2 becomes a very big 600 plus. Worse the little bit of money left after the 2 is deducted takes away from your capability to use other services. You begin to moan about the expensive service provider, forgetting the app you subscribed to or the daily infotainment or Win-the-Jackpot service you were persuaded to subscribe to ‘for only’….

The free app

There are a lot of free apps out there that offer music, movies, news, messaging systems and zillions of other applications but, beware these days some of the freebies come at a price. Plenty a time some of these free offerings come with their own ‘wares’ that you swop your number, location and email for. In exchange for the free app you give away your address, browsing history and let’s face it your privacy. Suddenly you get inundated with adverts on flying lessons or books just because you happened to search for flying ants or a certain author. And you notice your device has slowed down measurably and the ‘free whatever’ begins to cost you bundles.

Finding something that is truly, truly free is very, very, rare as offers are designed to make you spend more and not less. So do not buy or subscribe to anything that you do not need or cannot afford eventually just because of the initial free offer.


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