Staying Financially on Track, 6 Things to do

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A common resolution made at the beginning of the year is to be financially fit but to achieve this, one needs to stay on track.

Here are 6 things to do if you have not started already

Stock Take at home

Go through your possessions and get to know what you have and how much of a particular item you have. This helps you keep track and also prevents you from buying more of the same thing. Take a look at what you have in your closet and make a note not to buy more of the same. For newlyweds with a room full of gifts; open the boxes, count, and list all the unused stuff. If you can, try to sell what you have too much of or know that you will never use and put the money away for something you do need.

Reduce on  

Premium subscriptions, the monthly bridal showers, the friends that like to spend, the daily trip to the food counter at the supermarket (bring something from home for a change and take a pass on the supermarket or the food court’s fast foods).

Cut off the Gang, Gifts and Gambling

Decline the call to the usual boys/girls night out and substitute it with a night at home. Believe it or not, no one will notice you are not present (unless you do all the paying). The gifts that you buy can also be a drain on resources as you are somehow compelled to impress. Find less expensive gifts that are big on use. Buy a practical gift rather than an expensive gift (a cookery book instead of a microwave for instance). As for the gambling cut it off completely because this can be really difficult to stop and the small amounts can add up very very quickly.

Nurture the dealer in you

Do not buy goods or pay for a service straight away just because so and so says it’s a good deal or because it is close to where you are. Get the best deal for you especially on very expensive items like furniture, electronics and clothes. Start by comparing prices form different sources. Pick the supplier you are happy with and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Then pay the agreed price that will hopefully be a lower one and one that will make your friend’s green with envy.

Do it yourself

It’s not so long ago that you were doing some project or chore at school and home so you probably still do remember how to do things from the scratch yourself. Wash your own car, clear the garden and surrounding areas of your house, bake your own cake, sweep the house yourself and wash you own clothes.

Give yourself an allowance

Put aside a little money for you to spend each month and give yourself a treat. The constant money watching can be a downer so to prevent feeling miserable and overindulging later to compensate, give yourself an allowance and spend it on something just for you occasionally.


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