We all eat bananas regularly as they are a quick and cheap snack and when we have time they make a really good smoothie. A fruit we take for granted and the go to at short notice the banana does and can provide a lot of advantages.

Below are some advantageous things about the banana

Relieves Stress

To start with, that act of peeling the banana will immediately have a calming effect on you. Then the high magnesium content in it will help to relax your muscles and calm you further. Any time you are stressed, eat a banana and see how it helps you to relax.

Bananas have a quality in them that contribute to an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.

Boosts Energy

Any time you are running low on energy, a banana with its high carbohydrate content can give you a quick energy boost. Bananas have a significant amount of easily digestible sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose and are therefore a really good energy booster. They are also a great fuel for your brain as they help increase concentration.

If you exercise often, make the banana your snack of choice every time.

Improves Health

Like most fruits bananas contain vitamins and are a good source of essential nutrients that our bodies need to function. Also, they are an excellent source of the fiber that we need for proper digestion and we all know that good digestion means good bowel movement.

Also, bananas can help with weight management because they give you the feeling of being full for longer. Which means you will eat far less or will not overeat.

Pairs Well

Apart from eating bananas as they are, you can add them to different things to add variety in your day to day meals. Add them to cereals or to porridges instead of sugar or very little sugar. Blend them with milk, yoghurt, juice or other fruits for a smoothie or mash them and spread them on toasted bread.

Bananas are really pair well in the usual pancake or fritter mixture. Mash them up and add them to your pancake or fritter mixture and cook as you normally do.

If you are brave, mash them up and add to your stews. Bananas par well with spicy or sour foods. Try them in your curry cooking or deep fry them and eat them on the side sprinkled with your favorite condiment.


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