Things you should know about Betting

Betting is very fast becoming a way to make money for many people these days, more so for the unemployed, many of them our youth.

To take part in an easy money making tool or venture is attractive but, over time the story does change for some and for the worst. Things you should know about betting are

Betting has evolved over time. The betting you saw on the street corner with dice or cards when growing up is not the only form of betting there is. Those off limits casinos in hotels and motels have now been joined by online platforms which have made betting accessible to many more people.

Betting online can be done anywhere (at work, at school or at worship) and it can be done any time which makes it much easier to hide if it has become an addiction.

Betting is essentially paying money for a future outcome. This can be in you winning a prize or doubling your money in an event and who does not want to be a winner. However, the fact is you are risking your money for a future outcome that you have little control over.

Betting is one of those activities that has many more people participating in it all over the world and not all of them are badly affected by it. This may be because most of the time we think that betting affects just the finances of a person but there are people who do not lose money or very little when they bet. But, they lose in other ways.

Betting and doing it on a regular basis can and does leave you open to other vices such as drinking alcohol and smoking. Yes, this has been researched and it has been found that a good percentage of betting addicts also have a drug, alcohol and nicotine problem.

Betting unlike smoking or drinking can be very difficult as an addiction to spot but the person betting will become obsessed and this obsession can take over their life. Some can lose friends, a job or their life by suicide.

Betting does not gender discriminate.

Betting as a habit is best not started at all as it can morph into a monster that you cannot control. And please do not encourage others to start it. Whether it is a lottery, casinos or soccer the outcomes can be unpredictable.


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