Here is How Some Couples Working Together Make It Work

For a couple that work in the same organization or share a business it is a real undertaking to make it work both at home and the office. To work

1. They Loosen Up
At home they shift away from strict gender roles to a more flexible arrangement and this gives them more freedom to choose which everyday tasks they wish to do. Not sticking to strict gender roles, therefore means that the tasks they each do are more geared towards personal preference and strengths rather than to who is “supposed to do what”.
So if one is good at ironing, that person does the ironing and if one is good at cooking, they cook. And at the end of the day, the goal of keeping an organized and well run home is achieved.
2. They are Dutiful
At work with a formal title, the duties and responsibilities are clearly mapped out. Each person has their particular strengths and skillsets that come together at work and everything runs at it should with each one in their element.
Fully understanding and appreciating what the other person brings to the table allows them to stay out of each other’s way and allows them to watch each other develop and grow.
3. They are Comfortable
Spending time apart does not make them anxious. They are comfortable being apart and giving each other breathing room. This is an odd thing for some people but for some couples this space is sacred ground.
This is the time they use to grow as individuals and to become content with themselves. They are comfortable in their own skin and can share themselves authentically and fully with the other.
4. They Talk
They have very honest, open talk about their future together. They share their dreams, their fears and their professional or career goals.
Each time they approach important topics as discussions and not as a fight or a negotiation. For them it is an open, calm, respectful discussion about how each envisions family life together.
And there is no one who is “right” or “wrong” in what they say.
5. They Listen
Sometimes one or the other has a lot more to say-at these moments the other does the listening. It may be talk about anything under the sun and unrelated to their family or work life but the other will let the other speak.
They give their attention to the other and let them express their thoughts and feelings; refraining from interjecting opinions, judgments, and advice.
Listening for them is also an important part of the relationship as it makes communication easier, avoids any misunderstanding and the arousal of jealousy or unnecessary conflict.
6. They Romance
As both the partners are working and the couple barely gets time with each other they understand that quality time is needed to spend with each other to make the family life successful. Therefore they prioritize spending time together no matter what. Be it short breaks or long leave.
Once together they avoid discussing work. They make date nights or weekend getaways an “us” time to appreciate each other and be deliberately affectionate.
This time allows for a relationship reassessments and moments to open up to each other.
7. Are Friends
No relationship has ever passed the test of time without friendship and a couple that think that just loving someone is enough would be wrong. The other person has to be your friend-your best friend even!
If you are not a friend your relationship will not pass the test of time!


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