Here is How to Keep Your Work Day on Track

Struggling with or lacking motivation as common and normal as it may be is very uncomfortable. So whether you’re staring into space or procrastinating online, try this to stay focused and on track

  • Start as soon as possible

Often, the hardest part is just getting started. In order to make sure you get those few tasks done, you need to do them early. This means as soon as you wake up, you should be already planning how to do them (as you get ready). As soon as you are ready for the day; start right away.

Waiting is only an invite to distraction and when distractions come (and they will come) they will take away from your resolve and drain your willpower.

  • Have a ‘work only’ area

To keep you from straying from the task ahead make sure you have a dedicated work space or location. If you always work in a specific area, then your mind will associate that area with work related thoughts.

And when you take a break make sure to leave that space because that way you’ll be free to let your thoughts go where ever you want them to go.

  • Break things down  

If you are struggling or feeling demotivated, this may be time to break down your work into smaller tasks. When taking tasks in the smallest parts possible, you are able to cross things off your list and sustain momentum.

Focus on one or two important tasks if you have a list of things that you think need to be done. Fewer tasks are much better than giving up early because you took on too much.

  • Change tasks

When you face resistance around completing a task, it sometimes helps to change what you’re doing. If possible, do something that is very different from the one you are struggling with. More often than not you will find that you’re able to make progress after focusing on another task for a few minutes.

 Just remember to get back to what you were originally trying to do.

  • Focus on the goal

Remind yourself why you even need to focus. Are you working towards becoming an independent person? Do you want to make your own salary? Do you want to find a location for your business and stop working from home?

Knowing your goals and why you need to stay focused can help push you through the tough and tedious parts of the work day. Especially when your ability to focus is really tested and when it’s most needed.


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